Scheme Box

Box is an innovative product that absorbs heat when hot water is flowing in the shower. This heat is then used in the next utilisation to instantly heat the water stagnated in the pipes in the next shower.

With this solution, hot water doesn't have to be in circulation in the buildings and therefore a significant amount of energy can be saved.

Product Box

Box is self-rechargeable using only the heat from the hot water stream during the shower.

This fully passive device doesn’t have to be plugged to any source of energy to instantly heat the water stagnated in the pipes.

Assembly sequence

Box installation process is dived in two phases: the first one during construction/reconstruction, when water distributions pipes are installed and the second in the finishing phase.

In the first phase the built-in case is installed, and the water connections are made. In the second phase the finishing frame is installed as well as the Box and the finishing glass.

Range of products

Box product range is adjustable to the different wall thickness and to different volume of water stagnated in the distribution pipes.