Hoterway Team

Continuous innovation.

In 2018 we have started a new research and development project following an application approved under the P2020 incentives.

The purpose of this project is to create a product that ensures a continuous supply of hot water in all parts of the building without the energy waste associated to the conventional solutions.

International projection.

In 2016, we made the first public presentation of the shower columns and since then we have participated in several international fairs.

In 2017, we have participated in the Batimat fair in Paris and in 2018 at MCE in Milan, two world references in the sector.


The crowdfunding pre-sale campaign was an important milestone. The product was announced to the market  for the first time and the reaction could not have been better – in one month, 64 shower columns were sold in the pre-sale mode.

The units started to be delivered about one year after the end of the campaign.

See video Crowdfunding campaign

The hoterway shower column.

With the development of the thermal battery the development process started to be focused on the product, the shower column. The product to be developed should integrate the thermal batteries ensuring a capacity adapted to the buildings needs.

In addition to the aesthetical, technical and functional requirements, attention was also given to the installation process in order to ensure an optimized experience to those who have contact with the product.

The concept development.

The first thermodynamic studies revealed the potential of using phase change materials, and the development of the first heat exchanger concept with the ability to instantly heat the water in the pipeline was the first biggest challenge for the team.

The concept developed, although with a performance far inferior to the current performance of the current hoterway batteries, proved the viability of the solution, opening doors to the creation of the first product concept.

The idea.

In 2015, we started to outline the technological basis of a product that should answer the problem of waiting for hot water in buildings.

With an analysis of the available solutions on the market we realized that we would have to be disruptive as there was no solution that could offer hydric and energetic efficiency associated to the comfort of turning on the tap and always having hot water.